Part of our purpose is to serve as a resource for the community, composers, conductors, and other artists. We hope that what we offer may provide a means of connecting us to you!


Choral Demo Sessions

This new service is a resource for composers, arrangers, and conductors. For an affordable price, we provide professional studio/podium time, as well as accurately record musical demo representations of compositions and arrangements. See our options and pricing for choral demo sessions!


Private Events

Ensoma Creative brings the gift of music to senior living homes, visual art exhibitions, church events, holiday business parties and more. We would love to be a part of your event. Rates vary according to the specifics of each event. Factors include location, ensemble size, event time, and preparation required. Inquire about your event using the form below.



We enjoy celebrating the talent of other artists and support bringing creative ideas to life! Do you have an idea you would like us to be involved with? In the past, we have arranged, performed, and recorded for songwriters and bands, performed for conducting and composition recitals, and we are open to talking about anything you have in mind!