Vision & Mission

Ensoma Creative is a small, elite choral ensemble that pursues a vision of collegiality, musical excellence, and service. Founded in 2014 by Director Townsend Losey, Ensoma presents performances featuring a wide variety of vocal literature from medieval to contemporary classical styles, as well as the original compositions and arrangements of its own members. Based in La Verne, California, Ensoma also seeks out creative opportunities to work with other composers and performers and offers itself as a resource for professionals and students alike to assist with reading/recording sessions, concerts, and other collaborative endeavors.


Ensoma Creative is a close-knit ensemble with indefinite membership. Vocalists remain members until it is necessary for an individual to transition out as a result of circumstances or needs of the individual and/or the ensemble. As a member of the ensemble you will be required to download and participate on Slack - a communication app. Rehearsal notes, polls, reminders and concert details will be housed on the app.

Membership Commitment

Acceptance of an invitation to join Ensoma should reflect your desire to participate in the creation of quality choral music. This acceptance implies a commitment to meet rehearsal requirements and to sing in all scheduled concerts and projects. It is the responsibility of each member to take that commitment seriously. If you have other commitments that will make you consistently late to rehearsal or cause you to miss a significant number of rehearsals, we encourage you to decide which commitment is more important to you and honor that one whole-heartedly.

Ensoma rehearses on a project-based schedule at First Baptist Church of Pasadena. While attendance at every rehearsal and concert you commit to should be your goal, it is common for unexpected circumstances to arise. In order to keep standards high and ensure that everyone is adequately prepared to sing in concerts, recording sessions, etc., members are expected to review the attendance policy for specific standards for each project found on the member’s page of the website.

Under certain circumstances, exceptions may be made in consultation with the Choir President. If you know in advance that you will miss more than the allotted amount of rehearsals per project or that you will miss a dress rehearsal or concert, please consult with the Choir President no less than one month before the missed rehearsal date. Attendance at dress rehearsals is mandatory. Exceptions may be made only at the discretion of the Music Director and Choir President.

If you will be missing a rehearsal aside from those communicated to the Music Director, each rehearsal will count a strike. A strike immediately moves a member from good standing. If an additional rehearsal is missed, you will be choosing to withdraw from the ensemble and consider auditioning at another time. If a last-minute emergency or illness necessitates your absence, please notify your Section Leader when you can, as possible. If you have missed a rehearsal, please refer to the #prepare channel in Slack for any missed information, rehearsal marks, etc. Please note: Laryngitis is not a reason for an absence. You are expected to attend, listen, and mark your music. If you have a contagious illness, however, please do not attend the rehearsal and spread germs throughout your section.

Attendance Expectations

A leave of absence may be granted to a member in good standing for reasons such as business, travel, schooling, or personal or family matters. This may be for a concert or longer period of time. All requests must be discussed with Music Director. If you are away for a longer period of time, you will be readmitted to the Chorale at the discretion of the Music Director, and may be asked to re-audition.

Leave of Absence

On rare occasions, vocal evaluation may be necessary for any of the following reasons:

1. Leave of absence

2. Attendance issues

3. Perception of vocal problems or inadequate music preparation and

discipline (i.e., not knowing the music, not marking music where needed, not

watching the director, etc.)


Music will be distributed throughout membership. Members will be assigned numbers and are required to mark their music with that number. A pencil must be available during each rehearsal for marking music. Please use a pencil only. Music is typically returned at the end of the concert (with the exception of photocopied music). Scores owned by Ensoma may be marked in pencil and may not be marked in ink, highlighted, three-hole punched, or cut in any way. If music is lost and/or unable to be returned a fee will be collected to restore the lost music. Members may occasionally be required to purchase personal scores but not before notification and consent of all members.

Black music folders are required for concert performances.