Choral Demo Sessions


Option A: Choral Session

This option is ideal for composers who wish to hear a choir perform their work, as well as conductors looking for audio/video recordings of podium time for auditions and applications. This option includes thirty minutes of professional studio time with approximately twenty experienced choral musicians and an audio engineer. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with a conductor prior to the session to discuss the interpretation of your piece as well as a plan for your session time. By default, our conductor will prepare and lead the session; however, these thirty minutes are yours to spend the time with the choir as you desire.

Delivery time: One week after session date. See calendar below for available session dates.

Rate: $300 per thirty minutes of studio time  

Please note that this fee pays for choral parts only. You may add an accompanist to your session for an additional fee.

The composer (or conductor) has the option to receive audio of one full run-through of the piece (or section) OR the unedited 30-minute session. Audio files will be delivered electronically to the customer within one week following the session.  

Booking a session requires a $100 non-refundable deposit with a balance of $200 due one week prior to the session.  

Start by inquiring about the next session date and telling us about your project! We will be in touch with you from there.

Option B: Choral Demo

If you are looking for a perfect-sounding demo with accuracy of important things like pitch and tempo, this is the best option for you! You will receive a final audio file of your choral/vocal composition with four voices (with divisi up to SSAATTBB). You do sacrifice on a realistic sound and the chance to collaborate with a full choir, but the benefit to this option—in addition to its accuracy—is that it is on-demand. The delivery time is within two weeks of placing the order rather than having to wait for the next available session date (once every three months). The conductor will collaborate with you on the interpretation of the score in order to create an accurate click track and communicate with the vocalists, who will then each record their own voice parts. Your demo will then be edited and mixed by an engineer and sent to you digitally. You are guaranteed a quality product that accurately represents your score as much as is possible, considering the limitations of not having a real-life choir. If there’s anything on our end that you think we could have done better, you can send us feedback, and over the next two weeks of receiving the product, we will work with you to ensure mutual satisfaction.

Delivery time: within 2 weeks of order confirmation

Rate: $300 For first five minutes of music

Choral parts only; additional $40 per minute over five minutes.

Requirements: What we need from you is a PDF of the score as well as a music file (.xml or .midi) file to help us prepare for your session. Any instrumental parts you provide are not included in this process, though we may include sampled piano, so long as they are well-edited in the .xml file.

Start by inquiring about your project! We will contact you shortly about gathering the materials we need to complete your order.