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Ensoma Creative is a close-knit ensemble with permanent/indefinite membership (much like a band member) rather than operating on a per-season membership basis. Vocalists remain members until it is necessary for an individual to transition out as a result of the circumstances or needs of the individual and/or the ensemble. This reflects our vision for the ensemble, in which we are “Ensoma” (Greek, meaning “one body”) that is defined by the members within it.

Membership Fee

We dislike the idea of charging our members for the time they devote to the ensemble. However, after examining other successful ensembles, we’ve found that membership fees foster a higher level of commitment from members. For this reason, we ask our members to submit $50 as a commitment to each concert cycle they agree to perform in with the understanding that, upon completion of the concert, the full amount will be reimbursed to each member that is consistent with our professional standards of attendance and communication.

Membership Opportunities

Ensoma Creative provides a variety of paid recording session opportunities and events for its members including Composer Demo Sessions and occasional contracted performances.

Additionally, Ensoma Creative favors arrangements and compositions from its own members and will perform them whenever possible.


All voice parts are welcome to audition.

We are not accepting undergraduate college students at this time. Graduate and doctoral students will be considered.

Moderate to advanced sight-reading ability is required.

Audition Procedure

To audition for Ensoma Creative, please complete the Member Interest Form. Once submitted, you will be contacted to schedule an audition time. Auditions are held by the conductor, Townsend Losey. Auditions last approximately 10-15 minutes and will include the following:

  • Perform one prepared solo (see guidelines)

  • Sight-reading with a quartet of Ensoma members

Audition Dates 

By appointment.

*After completing the Member Interest Form, you will be contacted to schedule an audition time.


First Baptist Church of Pasadena

75 N Marengo Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91101


Term Requirements

Though there is no defined term or time requirement for auditioning members, our strong preference is that new members will commit to singing with us for at least one year. Attendance for calendar items is required.  Conflicts should be discussed and cleared with the director as soon as possible and well before performance dates.

Complete the Member Interest Form to start the audition process!


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