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One Body: A Concert Celebrating Five Years

Performance is tonight! Tickets are available at the door!


If you’re here, you probably want to know what we sound like. Get to know us a little better by listening to this live performance of “That Lucky Old Sun”—the popular song from 1949 arranged for choir by our Artistic Director.


Inspiring creativity, connectedness, and compassion through collaboration and musical excellence.

About Us

Ensoma Creative is a small, elite choral ensemble that pursues a vision of collegiality, musical excellence and service. Founded in 2014 by Director Townsend Losey, Ensoma presents performances featuring a wide variety of vocal literature from medieval to contemporary classical styles, as well as the original compositions and arrangements of its own members. Based in Southern California, Ensoma also seeks out creative opportunities to work with other composers and performers, and offers itself as a resource for professionals and students alike to assist with reading/recording sessions, concerts, and other collaborative endeavors.


Call for Auditions

We’re looking to increase our membership with good people who share our passion for excellent music, creativity, and community connection. Ensoma Creative currently consists of eighteen experienced choral musicians, and we are now seeking to expand to a body of twenty-four members. Auditions for all voice parts are now open to anyone who seeks a long term membership with a high-caliber group of vocalists who enjoy singing together and support the creation of new music.

Ensoma Creative is expanding its membership!

Now seeking applicants of all voice parts.

Interested in joining this collaborative choral ensemble? Learn more about auditioning and begin the process online!

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HANDEL | BACH: Concert Recap

Ensoma goes Baroque! The Los Angeles Chamber Choir in collaboration with Ensoma Creative and professional orchestra gave an invigorating performance of Handel’s Dixit Dominus—considered his most challenging choral work—and J. S. Bach’s Magnificat. The soloists Anna Schubert, Elissa Johnston, Niké St. Clair, Jon Lee Keenan, Chung Uk Lee, and Ensoma member Sean Gabel conveyed the expressive complexities of the music with exceptional skill and musicality.


Re-Renaissance: Concert Recap

On February 23rd, Ensoma Creative sought to welcome Spring a little early this year. Members of the ensemble performed 13 renaissance and renaissance-inspired pieces including works by Gesualdo, Josquin de Prez, Monteverdi, Palestrina, Pearsall and others. This concert was set apart for a couple reasons. We aimed to create a casual performance environment with an afternoon start time and educate our audience about the context of each piece with brief introductions by members who performed. Small groups made up the entirety of the concert aside from the opening piece “Alleluia” written by Artistic Director, Townsend Losey. The feedback we received was encouraging and affirmed the goal we set was reached.

We are excited to continue to produce performances that feel more accessible to our audience members. We seek to invite our community in to the music as more than simply a listener but as an educated one capable of picking up on the intricacies and story-telling we discover as performers.

Listen to our very own member Josh Munnell’s arrangement of the popular song “Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley!

This was a double collaboration with The Cabin Sessions who seeks to unite different artists and people from all nations to create memories through music and art. Find out more at The Cabin Sessions’ Patreon page.

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Our Need, Cry Out: Concert Recap

On October 19, 2018 Ensoma Creative presented an evening of expressive choral music exploring the theme of our need to be heard, seen, and accepted. From the depth of uncertainty, we find the courage to cry out with the hope that there may be an answer.

Conductors Deborah Apodaca and Townsend Losey shared the podium in this concert exploring our inner humanity. Ms. Apodaca set the stage in beauty, intimacy and vulnerability with her own original poetry, as well as a poem from a recent member of Ensoma Creative, Kendra Schmidt.

The music—from Henry Purcell’s “Hear My Prayer, O Lord” to Mårten Jansson’s “Maria (IV)”—calls for a space of beauty and sophistication, which the historic First Baptist Church of Pasadena exquisitely provided.